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You just got on the bus after a dangle sesh on the lacrosse field. The score was 17-1, you won of course. You copped two in the net and are sweating like Dillon Francis after popping mollies. You drop your shorts and remove your compressions, cause its just to tight down there. Your sitting in your boxers, airing the stink, and without even knowing it, your pulling a nasty walrus. Both of your semen machines are hanging out of your cradle on either side. from a distance, it looks like you have two walrus tusks dangling from your lady pleaser. Although rather homosexual when schemed with the boys, the women love it in the bedroom.

P.S. Very effective gino celebration if you want to get kicked off the team.
Sir Lavender stunted 70 walrus's today, 1 as a cele after putting one top left from half field, and then 69 in Laquisha's room.
by waffle sauce January 13, 2013
A massive squadron of men have an absurdly humungous fap sesh in a circular fashion. The 40+ men must then unload there precious fruit juices onto a young man by the name Ben Sugerman. He craves their fruits, and he must be chained to the floor, for the protection of the multiple circ jerkers. If not chained, Benny would ferociously jump and try to eat the jerkers dicks because in his mind, they are rather delicious, and he is not afraid to bite down. Post jerk, Sugerman plays and rolls in the semen, trying to drink as much as he can. He has never left the jerk site, for there is just too much juices from him to lick up in a reasonable amount of time.
We had a 100+ Circ Jerk on Ben, and they had to chain him on all limbs and his neck, for his thirst was unreal.
by Waffle Sauce January 14, 2013
An extremely large group of men stunting a Walrus sesh.
The whole lacrosse team formed a Walri and went over to Kandesah's house and had a raging walrus sesh.
by Waffle Sauce January 13, 2013
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