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proper spelling of tshirt
one your wearing?
by waffle October 02, 2003
A government which promises poor people the money of the rich if the help them in a bloody coupe, after which the peasants find themselves under the heel of a totalitarian regime and are unable to do anything about it.
USSR, China, Cuba, ceausescu etc
by waffle November 26, 2003
fl00b is someone with l33t hacc0r skillz and who uses them in an equally l33t and calm manner.
l33t0r : i r fl00b
faGG : RU GEIGH????
l33t0r : omg eigh faG, u will b h4x3d
faGG has left the conversation
l33t0r : ha ha n00b
by waffle August 23, 2003
The episode of star wars that will never be aired.
by waffle September 30, 2003
A polite way of asking a question or exo-completing a statement.
Üb3R: pleese can i have sum chocylat kthx
ch00b: omg u r lame stfu kthx
Üb3R: no u r mean and i happen to be an 3l33t hacc0r
ch00b: hahaha n00b, u cannot hacc0r i ph0r i r gold host
ch00b: omg me b00t j00
Üb3R has left the conversation
Üb3R has joined the conversation
ch00b has left the conversation
Üb3R has made Üb3R an owner
Üb3R: pwned
Üb3R: kthx
dbzn00b: omg i ph33r =O
by waffle September 22, 2003
A tool used by people who's arguments do not correlate with reality to undermine opposing arguments.
Dude: God does not exist as there is no evidence to prove he exists.

Idiot: God exists as there is no evidence to disprove the existence of god.

Dude: Using your logic, there is a teapot orbitting Pluto as there is no evidence to disprove this.

Idiot: Pluto does not exist as I cannot see Pluto, you are wrong, god must exist.
by waffle March 24, 2004
victory salvation
find a nazi
by waffle November 19, 2003
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