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New years celebration dating back to the stone age in europe. When the Catholics decided to convert dark age europe to christianity, they decided to claim that jesus was born on the same day they celebrate new years day and tell them to assume that new years day was a week later.
25th of December
by waffle October 23, 2003
n00b manner of spelling überdictionary

überdictionary is a l33t name for urbancictionary

even more l33t is

this site
by waffle October 02, 2003
mail bomb without space

used by jews as hebrew does not have spaces
by waffle September 30, 2003
Rival black girl bands, who use their booties to gain popularity instead of their singing talent.
mtv base
by waffle August 23, 2003
To be an organism with an almost supernaturally complex chemical-biological system.

To be sentient.

A period of time that an organism is
biologically active.
by waffle October 03, 2003
An insruction or prefix of: the taking of something to the house in question.
Take it to the house. kthx
by waffle September 22, 2003
a rompa stompa of/by the naturally deceitful race
A jew stamping his feet on the ground threatenningly.

OH look a rompa stompa jew!
by waffle December 06, 2003
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