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Stems from stupidity, leads to anger.
I am afraid of supporting liberty as it will make it difficult to avoid being killed by the government.
by waffle November 12, 2003
Mathematical formula proving that other people are less important than the controlling individual.

You is less than myself.
ch00b: I r teh l33t
|=46: u r geigh
ch00b: u < i, i > geigh } u < teh über geigh
ch00b: therefore you must be b00ted o_o
|=46 has left the conversation
ch00b: OMG I r teh l33t rofl
by waffle December 02, 2003
some one that is gay or likes to pack the fudge and is a weirdo.
All those guys on Queer Eye For The Strait Guy are QUERDOS.
by waffle March 24, 2004
German for yummi
dies schweiser ist jummi.
by waffle December 02, 2003
something of which a lack of would create chaos
see the madness avenger game
by waffle October 13, 2003
A third person statement about an action carried out by the speaker to denote the recent performance of rhythmitic movement in the appropriate manner which is according to the second from lowest possible degree of assessment.
n00b: omg I just installed lunix for wind0ws!!
n00b: *does a little dance*
by waffle March 29, 2004
A period in history where people went from n00bs to l33t.
The U.S. enterred the enl33tenment as early as 1978, followed by the U.K. in 1979 and Japan and Germany in 1982.

North Korea r n00b, they have not yet enterred the enl33tenment.
by waffle March 26, 2004
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