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The blackout express can be described as a roller coaster of sorts but one upon which you get on voluntarily. You usually hop on after a shitty shitty day. It usually starts off slow, shotgunning beers with your bros on a tues afternoon or having margaritas with your bitches. Then like every roller coaster, it reaches the top and goes straight fucking down hill from there as you think you handle ten shots in ten minutes and proceed to creep on some girl/sleep with some nasty dude, get in a fight, boot, rally, piss in the middle of the street, boot again, and then finally pass on the floor and get penises drawn on you. Cheers.
Mac: I failed my finance prelim, heres to a good night! (while holding a shot of bartons) I'm hopping on the blackout express!

Tyghe: For fucks sake dude its 9 AM on a monday.

Mac: Sorry for partying?

Tyghe: Welll.....fuck! Give me a shot.
by wackattack789 November 02, 2011

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