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a person who works like a robot and refuses to take a day off even if they are legitimately sick... at the expense of their coworkers' health. In the end they do more damage than good by making others sick and decreasing work productivity in their place of business, though they may believe they are being model-employee's by coming in regardless of their contagious state of health.
boy: When can you reach?
girl: I can't go out tonight to party like a rock, party like a rockstar...
boy: But why?!
girl: Because I caught something at work from my germbot coworkers. ughhhhh..
boy: Don't they know their supposed to stay home when their sick. Idiots...
girl: Yeah I know, omgomg I'm so sick... this is wack!
boy: Word... boo-urns.
by wacKboye September 21, 2007
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