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A German word, derived from the inane Telering "Weg mit dem Speck" campaign launched in Austria.
Has come to be synonymous with 'fatty'.
1. Aus'm weg, Specki!
> Move out'da way, Specki!
2. Specki, ruettel deine Powidltatschkerl!
> Specki, jiggle that fat!
by waJihadi-Jasmine March 19, 2008
An orgasmiscious German word for the mundane English expression "love handles".
The fat that drips out, if your pants are too tight, and low-waisted.
Doerty Peach: Uhh, schau dir ihre Powidltatschkerl an. Es rinnt ja das ganze Fett heraus.
Jasmine: Aja, die vom Bollywood trio?
by waJihadi-Jasmine March 19, 2008
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