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16 definitions by w_l

Carrot Puller is an oilpatch term for any small rig. The term is most often used by workers on triple-joint drilling rigs, and is applied to service rigs or single-joint drilling rigs.
He ain't never seen real iron; he spent ten years on a carrot puller...
by W_L March 17, 2010
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Count de Monet tells everyone you got PAID.

Monet (moe-nay) was a French painter whose crap sold for eighty million dollars.
Guess who's the new assistant manager at McDonalds...Count de Monet baby!
by W_L October 13, 2010
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The tenth month (October) 10, 2010, one day before Canadian Thanksgiving. Mysteriously loved by people all over the internet.
Happy ten ten ten, everybody!
by W_L October 10, 2010
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The female equivalent of sucking dick. Ingratiating yourself to a female boss.
Now that Alberta has a female premier, all the law firms have become women's rights supporters ... they are sucking clit.
by W_L November 26, 2011
12 8
The most beautiful sight in the world
I awoke in a tropical paradise and smiled as the first rays of sun beamed through the window and glistened on my Morning Jew...
by W_L March 18, 2010
16 12
What douches do in two-person photos. The d-bag will put one hand on the back of his companion to relax and distract the person. With the other hand he will make a gun shape and point at the person's upper body. The other person is now a douche too, but isn't aware of it because they're looking at the camera.
Goddamnit Bob, why do you always douche it up with the finger gun!
by W_L January 01, 2010
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Boyfriend Of The Day
"Wow, your date tonight is really hot! How long have you guys been together?"

"About an hour. He's my bfod."
by W_L December 10, 2011
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