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Another name for a fool called rob, who happens to beleive he is almighty, and owns in everything. In reality, he's a bum with no life, and just sits around getting stonned, drunk, and resorts to threatening his 'friends' to make him feel more powerful, if you'd like an example, use this email address: solobob@hotmail.com
Rob: I own!!11eleven
'Friend': No you don't, you're just heavy.
Rob: Shut up or i'll kill you!
'Friend': Yeah whatever rob, you say that every day.
Rob: *charges forward with fist out*
'Friend':*Steps to the side ever so slightly*
Rob: *trips on a rock and busts his head open on the floor*
'Friend':Robtard, you just got owned by the ground!
Rob: Shut up or i'll kill you!
*So on and so forth, each time robtard ends up making himself look like an idiot*
by Wewt October 16, 2006

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