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1.The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a southern border state. Many famous artists, writers and media celebrities hail from Kentucky. It is known for horses, bourbon, basketball and southern hospitality. People are friendly and polite. In areas such as Lexington and Louisville a metropolitan, artsy culture prevails. In rural areas a friendly down-home culture produces delicious cooking.
2.A state that knows how to party.
3.Home to a college basketball dynasty.
George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze and Diane Sawyer are all from Kentucky.

Kentucky in the springtime is awesome. Keeneland is running, Derby parties are going, and the bourbon flows like water.
by w00tgirl April 19, 2006
Girls tend to be hotties with fiery tempers. Red or dark hair, ivory skin and green eyes are trademarks. Guys tend to be hardworking and fun at parties.
See that Irish looking girl over there? I'm so glad she broke up with that greasy Italian and got with that nice guy Sean.
by w00tgirl April 19, 2006
A very small state full of bigoted people who hate everyone outside their own ethnic group and have a superiority complex for no good reason. Lots of gold chains and ricer cars for men. Lots of makeup and big hair on women. Very ghetto.
Wanna see some real ghetto action? Check out the greasy guys up in North Providence, Rhode Island. It'd be a trailer park if they had the land for it.
by w00tgirl April 19, 2006

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