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A believer in the political party known as (kenarchy). These people are generally revered as more enlightened to than anyone else (or at least by other kenarchists). Luckily for non-kenarchists it is easy to join kenarchy. The best way to do so is to go to the (kenarchy) Urban Dictionary and click on the thumbs up icon.
The coolest people on the planet are the kenarchists.
by w00t sauce May 26, 2009
(Verb) To go boomer: It is a slang term for projectile vomiting onto someone or something. It more commonly refers to a person. To go boomer is a reference to the video game "Left 4 Dead". The game has a kind of zombie that vomits on characters and attracts the Infected. As a whole one never wants to have someone go boomer on them.
When I eat too much I go boomer all over my friends.
by w00t sauce May 24, 2009
A negative term for someone who leaves the political party know as (kenarchy). It is based on a propaganda exercise done by an official that was not a kenarchist (The Man) in which one person had to convince another person that he or she is a pink penguin. The point of the exercise was to show how much effort it takes to make someone agree that they are something that they are not, so (kenarchists) stuck to The Man by showing how truly simple this was.
Nobody likes a Pink Penguin.
by w00t sauce May 27, 2009

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