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To encourage and otherwise exhort a fellow user of the UD to give a "thumbs up" to a word you have just defined/submitted to UD. Being thumbed up can really be a very pleasurable experience, it is said.
Having asked all her friends to click on her definition of figgy, Woofie was satisfied with the thorough thumbing up she received. Some of her friends, however, were thoroughly weary of her constant requests to "Thumb me up!"
by w00fdawg September 07, 2005
A reluctance to give donations to charities raising funds for natural disasters such as the aftermath of the Tsunami, the S Asian Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. These events appear to occur with increasing frequency and so the public become weary of constantly being called upon to donate funds to help the needy.

This is also accompanied by a feeling that funds given in the past have been mismanaged through poor administration and other factors: therefore there is little point in making a donation as it will never reach those who need it most.
Roger was suffering from compassion fatigue when he watched another appeal to help the victims of the S Asian Earthquake. This time, he decided, charity begins at home. He went out for a few drinks down the pub.
#disaster #compassion #tsunami #charities #donations #earthquake #hurricane #needy #charity #appeal
by w00fdawg October 13, 2005
A means of stimulating the clitoris. Generally referring to a device such as vibrator, but there are various other stimulators available.

Generally, direct clitoral stimulation is required for orgasm to be achieved.
"For goodness' sake, Humphrey, wake up at once! You may have jerked a massive cumload into my cunt with your predictable pump action, but if I am going to get off tonight, you had better apply a clitoral stimulator to my love button!"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
Compensation. To receive payment for an injury, physical or mental.

In some areas, a raised paving stone is regarded as a golden opportunity to raise money, and all the wasters and low-lifes will attempt to break something by *accidentally* tripping over said stone.

Commonly used in South Wales.
"Hey, did you hear that Dai broke his leg falling down the steps outside the pub last night?"

"The lucky bugger! He's done well, he should get a load of compo!"
#compensation #ambulance chaser #injury #claim #payment
by w00fdawg November 03, 2005
Designed as a means to enhance clitoral stimulation, with specially positioned nodules on the palmar aspect. It is made from PVC and is worn on a finger during digital stimulation of the clitoris or other genital structures.

It is a nice alternative to using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Can be used by the woman or by her partner. Does require the addition of suitable lubrication.

The packaging states to be used once and thrown away but at around £3.30 a pop that is expensive.......... just wash carefully and you can use it a few times, I reckon! It's not a condom after all.

I wanted to mention this product because it has been so discreetly marketed that even when looking at the packaging it is hard to work out what it is! I think it has been packaged for women who would not want to use vibrators, and feel that their failure to orgasm is some kind of medical problem!

A amusing piece of literature is supplied with the product which tells the user not to continue stimulation for over an hour.............. I wonder what happens if you do? Does one's clitoris self destruct?

Anyway, it does the business, without the need for batteries!
"What is that you are wearing on your finger, Mummy?"
"Why, it's my Vielle stimulator, darling, I will buy you one when you get older, my darling daughter, and a map of the clitoris for your sexual partner, should he happen to be male........"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
Turned or twisted toward one side. Common usage in the UK.
William Shatner's toupe was less than convincing as it was frequently skew-whiff.
#askew #awry #cockeyed #lopsided #wonky
by w00fdawg November 07, 2005
A meal composed of fried food. Typically this will consist of several of the following: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, fried bread, mushrooms, black pudding, potato cakes................

This tasty combination can be enjoyed at any time of day but in the UK is offered as breakfast in hotels and guest houses, and is often much enjoyed as a Saturday tea (early dinner) or as a brunch.

However, too many fry-ups can lead to love handles, spots and even premature death!
"I fancy a fry-up tonight!"

"Are you sure? If you get any fatter you will cause a tsunami when you sit down suddenly!"
#ulster fry #frimpan #frying #food #fried #breakfast #brunch
by w00fdawg October 30, 2005
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