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A Bloodthirsty Rabid Belieber that will resort to murder if you denounce and insult their deity, Justin Bieber. They also seem to make relentless negative comments to any other well respected normal genre, like metal and rap, since those genres have no correlation to their Goddess, Justin Bieber. A good example of "beliebebitches" is the group that threatened the life of the undercover cop that tackled Bieber. This term can apply to women, and gay men, who adore and worship Justin Bieber. Tread carefully when you anger a Beliebebitch.
Bob - "I told Julie that I hate Justin Bieber, and she bit me! She also said that I will be dead by sundown!"
Tom - "Julie became a 'Beliebebitch' when Sarah introduced her to Justin Bieber's music. I wouldn't be surprised if she put a bounty on your head"
Bob - "I think I need to get this bite checked out"
by vynomous July 05, 2011
Where a Room is Completely Devoid of Female Dogs, or Bitches, and filled to the brim with Male Dogs.
Tim: "So, how many dogs do you have?"
Robert: "I have Four Male Dogs"
Bob: "Damn, what a Snausage Fest."
by Vynomous July 24, 2011

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