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Located in Calaveras County
Home of the Jumping Frog Jubilee. Also home of many pot heads and sex addicts. Mark Twain wrote a short story making this town famous. Every year this town hosts a small county fair. At the fair, people compete in a contest where they place a frog on a small green circle in the middle of a stage and try to scare the frog in anyway without touching them, to jump three times. After the third jump, the distance is measured from the center of the circle to where the frog ended on its third jump. The farthest jump that year gets a star plaque cemented into the sidewalk of downtown Angels Camp. Some people get so into it, they train frogs for months before the event.
Sam: Honey, I'm bored. Lets go out to the field in Angels Camp, and jump some frogs!
by vw_kat October 09, 2008
Located in Calaveras County
Founded by Mexicans. This small town is located in the gold miners country. It consists of one four-way stop, 1 and a half grocery stores, 2 gas stations and a few fast food restaurants. Also home to Hogan Lake. This town is a small hick town out in the stix. The nearest high school is 15 minuts away. There is only one way to this high school and it consists of a twising road through the foothills where you eventually lose signal for the radio. This town is also known as Loserville, Hickville, and Where-the-hell-am-i-ville.
Jane: Look!!! We are in Valley Springs!!!
John: Where? I missed it, I must have blinked.
by vw_kat October 09, 2008

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