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A person considered to be reclusive, reactionary, out of date, or brutish.
You're such a troglodyte you probably think Milli Vanilli is actually singing!
by VW October 23, 2003
A strong man who makes good decisions and is generally regarded as a leader. Testosterone man.
George W. Bush is NOT a T-man.
by VW October 16, 2003
An absolute godess, worthy of a t-man's love.
Jessica Alba is a t-vixen.
by VW October 16, 2003
your ass smells funky
your behind smells canhi introduce it to some soap.
by vw January 01, 2005
Another term for a VW, or VDUB. Also known as a POS, or German Rice.
Hey look at that piece of shit brokeswagen GTI, oh wait, thats patty
by VW March 16, 2005
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