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A game homosexuals play, themed after it's heterosexual cousin "thumb wrestling". Donkey Dong is played a surface equal to the sum of the two participants' aggregate penis lengths, minus 4" inches. Players start by having erect two penises next to each other, with 2" of overlap.

Once the game is started, the two players compete for position on the top, with the intent of pinning the opponents penis to the table so that he cannot move up or to the side. Once an opponent is pinned for a 3 count, the victor is awarded the title of "Donkey Dong".

Pulling the penis toward the owner from under a pin results in an immediate loss. Losing an erection also results in an immediate loss, as the opponent no longer has the opportunity to pin his opponent. Players may not move body, use hands, or use any other objects during the competition.
vvpimp69vv was playing donkey dong with his roommate, Eddie, and won every match. He is the best Donkey Dong player in the land!
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by vvpimp69vv August 26, 2011
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