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A word commonly used in India to denote 10,000,000.
100 lakh]s make 1 crore. A crore can buy you a lot of shit.
by vt26 January 21, 2008
A sugary, chocolaty, very tasty, mildly alcoholic girl drink for those who want to drink, but can't stand the taste of alcohol.
Dude, I can see your vagina from here. Finish that damn drink. It's a chocolate choo-choo and tastes like dessert.

That chocolate choo-choo is mainly made up of sugar and air, no wonder it's tasty.
by vt26 May 14, 2008
A word commonly used in India to denote 100,000.
Damn, yo, that new Tata Nano in India is selling for only one lakh rupees. That's like, only $2,500.
by vt26 January 21, 2008

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