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A place surrounded by unwanted ears. When you are on the phone with someone and you can't say something because there are too many people around to hear it (with their ears).
D: So L has a nasty rash that she needs antibiotics for.
K: How did she get it?
D: I cant say right now I am in a cornfield.
K: Oh too many ears in the room right now. Cool call me later and tell me what happened.
#nosey #eavesdropping #dipping #scandel #listen #hearken #bug
by vsecrets August 09, 2009
When you sniff your toilet paper after you wipe your butt.
D: (comes out of the bathroom), Hey K do you ever sniff your toilet paper after you wipe? You know just to see if there is something wrong with you?
K: Oh my God that is so disgusting you are a poop sniffer...
#tp sniffer #butt sniffer #ass sniffer #shit sniffer #thats disgusting sniffer.
by vsecrets April 13, 2006
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