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Nickname for the social networking website Facebook, and the namesake company that operates it.
The nickname reveals the low opinion of a sizeable portion of the public with regard to Facebook.
Criticism ranges from privacy concerns, to crap applications indigestion, to health issues resulting from the act of 'poking' other people.
Oh, don't tell me you're on Fecesbook too!!
by vruz September 02, 2009
alternative geek.
A geek that is deep into one or more subjects of study, some of them may not be traditionally associated with geek interest.
examples: a computer scientist that is also a drummer in a rock band, a librarian who is also a skydiver.

Richard is such an alternogeek, he can write programs and still sing "O Sole Mio" at a perfect pitch.
by vruz October 09, 2007
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