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The Jerky Boys; A snapperhead or rubberneck, one who make prank phone calls, one who jerks alot, a idiot, one does things without thinking
Watch the Jerky Boys Movie. This jerky boy thinks he can win a fight with me.
by vr5ken July 20, 2006
First Lady Is Really a Guy
Flaming Liberal I'd Rather Grope
First Lady I'd Roger Gladly
Fey's Likeness Is Rather Glaring.
Many thanks to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for returning to Saturday Night Live 09-13-2008 to produce this gem.

However, I Googled "flirg," and haven't found a satisfactory answer.

If you have a better definition than this one, add it to the Political Addictionary entry for Flirg.
by vr5ken September 14, 2008

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