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3 definitions by vots69

A game where if one man is caught wit his legs spread at anytime andother man shouts Nob goblin and racks him in the nuts
Guy 1 sitting on bench with legs spread
Guy 2 casually walks over to Guy 1 and all of a sudden shouts "NOB GOBLIN" and racks Guy 1 in the cahones
by vots69 February 01, 2010
10 4
When someone ends up puking in the toilet whilst hugging the bowl after consuming too much alcohol
Guy 1: Wow Ben sure did drink alot last night
Guy 2: Yea that Toilet Hugger should have paced himself
by vots69 February 01, 2010
2 0
Big Friendly Girlfriend
Guy1: Hey, have you seen Dave's B.F.G?
Guy 2: Yea she's like 6 foot 5!
by vots69 February 01, 2010
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