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The Suicide Special is a dinner that is prepared late at night, usually by someone single, that reminds them of how alone and depressed they are, to the point that they consider and or commit suicide.
Rookie: "It looks like the victim had pancakes and scrambled eggs by himself last night, got so depressed that he blew his brains out."

Detective: "Text book example of the suicide special."
by voteporter June 28, 2009
Alternate Pronunciation:

Try saying the alternate pronunciation: "riff-dee". It rolls off the tongue.

RFID chips are becoming ubiquitous but the acronym is a mouthful. It is easier to say RFID than "Radio-Frequency Identification" but it still does not make the grade for ease of use for something we encounter (if not ignore) on a daily basis.

This is an alternate pronunciation for the RFID chip and makes no suggestion that the original spelling be changed.
Big Brother says: RFIDs are nifty!

The vet put a RFID chip in my dog, in case she gets lost I can find her.

I cut myself on the RIFD chip that was deep inside my new pair of jeans.

Walmart is now putting RFID chips on all of their products to create "smart shelves".
by voteporter June 27, 2009

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