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Stands for 'Roger' - an acknowledgement of comprehension.
" did you see that new movie yet?"
by vortex June 10, 2003
A humain propelled vehicle with one wheel. Usually, unicycles have pedals, cranks, and seats derived from regular two-wheeled bicycles. Having been around for years as props for entertainers, they are comming back now as a proper form of transportation and recreation. Popular with people with certain mental conditions. Usually refered to as a "Uni". (also see Muni, Coker} and Trials Uni.
That crazy bastard is going down the mountain with his unicycle!

I'm going to unicycle to the store for more beer.
by Vortex April 27, 2003
A unicycle with a very large wheel diameter, used in long distance riding. The bigger wheel gives the unicycle the ablility to move over great distances in relativily short periods of time, while still amazing everone who sees it.
I traveled across China in 61 days on my Coker.
by Vortex April 27, 2003
a person with way too many net-buddies. Usually has no life outside of AIM, MSN or IRC - typically fat.
that dude gets 500 aim's a day, what a homiewhore
by vortex June 10, 2003
When you tell a really shit joke, do a stupid dance, or just be a general twat, then your doing a Simpkin
Oh God, Dave's doing a Simpkin on us.
by Vortex April 03, 2004
A unicycle which is used for hopping, jumping, or riding over various obstacles. Usually has a smaller wheel then a normal unicycle, and stronger components to take extra punishement. In use, the rider hops the trials unicycle over rocks, barriers, curbs, ramps, or wooden pallets. Might also be referred to as a Tuni, but the name has never become popular.
I took my trials uni downtown and had some fun.
by Vortex April 27, 2003
a chick that uses IRC is suspicious to begin with. Usually fat and or ugly and or stupid.
bah, dont pm that bitch, she's an irc hag
by vortex June 10, 2003
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