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Something or someone who is constantly causing trouble. Derives from the TV series "Stargate SG1" in which a bounty hunter is describing Colnel O'neill (see example).

Usually said in situations where (english) profanity is forbidden.
Aris Bok, "And you O'neill, you're just a pain in the mik'da."
O'neill (question to Te'alk), "Neck?"
Te'alk, "No."

Me talking to my frozen computer, "Damn, what a pain in the mik'da!"
by vordmeister August 29, 2010
The bony bump on the back of many dogs' heads. The larger the mutt bump the more likely the dog is a mixed breed or a mutt.
(Harry) Check out this Black Lab I got.
(Larry) Nah, he ain't a Lab.
(Harry) What? How would you know?
(Harry) He's got a big ol' mut bump.
(Harry) His mutt bump doesn't prove he's a mutt.
(Larry) Guess not. But he still ain't a Black Lab.
by vordmeister July 08, 2011
The cheapest gas station in town. It is usually busy with lines of cars waiting to fill up and has many more incidents of auto accidents and fender benders than other gas stations. Basically you crash in, gas up and crash out.
--I'm running on fumes here but I don't want to pay those high gas prices.

I need to fill up. Where's the crash and gas?
by vordmeister July 07, 2011
Named after a dog named Teddy (AKA Tedford Stevens III, the dog) who is had his eye pulled out by a larger dog and spent two weeks in recovery after being hit by a car. The disease is characterized by extreme impusiveness, ignorance, irrationality, and belief in their own inteligence, and/or athletic prowess. In some cases, there is a delusion of grandeur. In reality, Teddy's disease patients are victims of their own bad reasoning. They constantly get into trouble in every way possible. They see no problem walking down a crime infested street, and they typically drive very badly resulting in multiple car accidents before the age of 25. Patients usually live a long life, but their lives are full of problems and they are never really able to "get it together."

Friends and families of Teddy's disease patients typically suffer more because they become responsible for the patient, especially when the he or she is in need of medical attention. This is terribly frustrating.
Known patients of Teddy's disease: Randy "The Ram" (The Wrestler), Donald Trump, and Lindsey Lohan.
Teddy's disease is similar to Sheen's disorder but with less cocaine, prostitutes and porn stars.
Teddy's disease (AKA Stevens'disorder) is possibly a genetic malady. Reseach on the disorder is ongoing.
Jackie was in another car accident? Jeez, that's the third one this year. You know, he might have undiagnosed Teddy's disease.

Randy "The Ram" had Teddy's disease. Just when his life was going okay, he did something stupid to totally screw it up. He just couldn't get it together.
Teddy the dog (much like most small dogs) has Teddy's. Just when he found a good home with nice people, he picked a fight with a big dog and ran in front of a car. He just can't get it together.
by vordmeister May 18, 2011
A snob party. A gathering of duche nozzles. A party where all the people are trying to show up each other through their clothes, cars, their money, and their education attainment. A very boring party full of uninteresting people.
Sam: "Did you go to Charlton's party last night?"
Will: "Yeah, but everybody there was a total snob, just like Charlton.

Sam: "Total duche-atopia, right? I told you not to go."
by vordmeister May 18, 2011
A person of low intelligence,stupidity, social ineptness, and possible mental deficiency as seen by the manner in which he constantly screws up everything he tries to accomplish, that's if this person is even able to attempt anything other than smoking a bowl and playing Halo 3 for the rest of his worthless life.

An extreme form of idiocy.
Fred: I just bought the new Lady Gaga CD. Nice, eh!
Fred is an orlop.

Example of orlops; the four guys on the Altell commercials.
by vordmeister June 10, 2010
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