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Often used nickname for Insane clown Posse fans, but really the word for Internet Child Porn.
Juggalo: Hey, you like ICP??

Human: Fuck no, damn pedophile!!
by voorheez January 12, 2008
A game played by manly (I use this term very loosely) teenage boys, where, if someone doesn't walk around all day with their arms protecting their chest, they will be slapped or punched in the chest.

If you play this game, you have likely never grown ball hair.
These retarded ass kids were playing open chest at lunch today. It made me feel ashamed to be a minor. Shit, a human.
by voorheez January 14, 2008
Not to be confused with the very few people who can actually relate to and understand what Dane Cook is saying in his comedy routine.

75% of people who have listened to a dane cook cd, dvd, or have been to a Dane Cook event.

Mostly teenagers, females, and first-time listeners.

The girls all want to fuck him.

They can't understand half of the things he talks about, but he's their friend on myspace, and has over 2 million friends on myspace, so he is SOOO FUNNY!!!
Dane Cook: That Dane Cook is a silly bitch!!


BAMF: Do you even know what he said?

Dane cook fan: YEAH!! Uh, no, but.. HAHAHA!!!


Dane cook fan: Mommy, can I buy this dane cook CD??

"Mommy": No, it has the parental advisory sticker on it, so you should wait till you're 18.

Dane cook fan: But-but-but... (Cries) I'm going to go cut myself and listen to Fall Out Boy.
by voorheez January 12, 2008
A game series on ps2, xbox, and other marketing scheme video game consoles.

In this game, you have to play great guitar songs, covered by the game company, which completely butchers it.

A game for tambourine playing bitches, nerds, and 8 year olds, to make them feel better about themselves, although they do not know what music is.
Ex 1:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

Guitar Center Employee: The bass??

Nerd: No, the guitar.

Guitar Center Employee: I see you love Guitar hero, huh?

Ex 2:

(Nerd goes to a local guitar center)

Nerd: Can I see that guitar right there??

(Guitar Center Employee hands the nerd the guitar)

Nerd: ... Wheres the buttons??

(Guitar Center Employee shoots the Nerd)
by voorheez January 12, 2008
n.; To spaz out when playing the Nintendo Wii, creating the illusion of a seizure.
"I was playing Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games, and the running part gave me a wiizure."
by voorheez January 14, 2008
The best energy drink ever with a shitload of sugar and caffiene.

Only available in Washington, Nevada, North California, and Oregon, but worth looking for.
"Twisted Chopper is the KING of the energy drinks!! Not for your average high school retard who just drinks it to look cool."
by voorheez January 12, 2008
One of the best marketing schemes to get kids to think they'll be focused and hyper, and to get office workers to think it'll make them focused to get through the day. Makes me sick.

I only drink some for the great taste, not to be cool, or act hyper or focused And for anyone who wants to be hyper, i suggest you commit suicide and/or grow a pair.

High school kid: Dude, i just had a sip of this 5 dollar energy drink, im SOOOO HYPER!!! WOOO!!

Human: (Beats the shit out of High school kid)

Human: ...Retard...
by voorheez January 12, 2008
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