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3 definitions by voodoochyl

A highly organized, vigilant, alliance self charged with the promotion of women's rights in this politically correct society. GASH stands for: Guys Against Sexual Harassment
"Dude,I like totally support G.A.S.H."
by Voodoochyl October 05, 2006
27 15
The act of reverse mounting a person's mouth with one's genitalia to give a temporary pubic hair beard. The pubic hair acts as a beard "dickie", if you will. The mountee can be male, but a chinwig is usually applied by a male to a female.
Dude...I totally gave your mom a chinwig last night.

by voodoochyl April 28, 2009
6 2
A child riding on the back of an adult Squid's motorcycle, who are usually dressed by the adult in the same attire as the adult to include: shorts, sandles or tennis shoes, t-shirt, brain bucket, and always lacking gloves and jacket.
"Hey, look at that sKwID on the back of that GSX-R1000. His parent should be more responsible, and put some gear on him!
by Voodoochyl October 29, 2007
4 3