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15 definitions by von struedelburg

with the advent of the vaporizer the word CLOUD is used to refer to the vapor inside the clear plastic bag attachedment because it looks like a cloud and is wáter inside the bag rather than smoke.
hey dude, stop bogarting the bag and pass it over here while there is still some cloud in there.
by von struedelburg October 18, 2013
it is a fancy word for NUMEROUS that one learns in college or highschool. it is often used by tv broadcasters to make themself sound smarter. many of them put an article in front of it and say, THERE WAS A MYRIAD, thus actually sounding dumber.
cnn reporter - there are a myriad of ways to get the job done in the capital.
by von struedelburg October 15, 2013
is a slang term used in mexican communities to refer to handcuffs.

Esposa is also the word for wife.
they put the esposas on the criminal as soon as they caught him.
by von struedelburg October 17, 2013
when a dog smells food on the table and lifts his snout up to smell it better and get closer to it.
It was upsnoutiscope when Rover smelled steak on the table.
by von struedelburg September 04, 2013
a yiddish word that refers to a person that hangs around and helps you with errands around the house or rides with you when you go somewhere just to keep you company and because they have nothing better to do.
Bill is my schlepinshamus and will usually ride with me when I have to take the dog for her haircut. He drives around the block while I take the dog in because there is no where to park around there.
by von struedelburg October 18, 2013
I need the money so it would be nice if you would PPMLF me.
by von struedelburg October 08, 2013
when a man pisses and sneezes at the same time thus losing control over the projection of his piss
I heard Bill sniss while he was in the bathroom and sure enough there was piss all over the toilet seat and the floor.
by von struedelburg January 15, 2014