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3 definitions by von goth

Referring to leaving your social m8s and retuning to the real world of reality
"Am ofski m8 had a good nite snorting charly but me mums making rice cakes"
by von goth June 07, 2007
This is a word derrived from urban streets which clearly meens you not shy and "son" is talking to ur mate in all Not Shy Son
dave; She likes you go get her man
John; sound lad am Not Shy Son
by von goth June 07, 2007
a name of a willy or wilge thought to b at a large lenght but it only describes your ego and its really no longer than 3"
"hay man have a look at my slong its huge"

"what the fk man it only 3" you fool"
by von goth June 07, 2007