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politically correct manner of demeaning a persons character beyond dirt level. a non-physical castration of ones ego done in public. the feeling one gets when ones assertiveness is crushed by overwhelming evidence of the contrary.
She mentioned him as an example of inefficient use of the companies time & money - he was castulized

one is castulized when finding a porn site of his wife fornicating with a dude on his new lawn tractor.
#verbalkamakazi #castulize #castulized #suicidal embarassment #what being dead feels like
by von Brown October 03, 2007
After a prolonged period of being textually active, one become less interested in texting.

Initial symptoms include periods of hesitation prior to sending a text. Full blown symptoms are when one is not longer able to text due to lack of textibido.

Cure includes textolygamy.
Have you heard from Lesley lately? She doesn't text me anymore...does she have textopause?
#textoliday #textdetox #textolot #textomania #textothon
by von Brown May 18, 2010
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