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3 definitions by volleyballr

excessive shopping in a short period of time, usually using a credit card
Molly was so surprised when she maxed out her credit card, but everyone knew she had a bad plastic splurgery addiction.
by volleyballr April 05, 2009
7 0
someone who listens to mostly bands on Fueled by Ramen (record company)
Ryan: Hey what's on your playlist?
Lina: All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, Cobra Starship...
Ryan: Ohh you're a ramenite...
by volleyballr April 05, 2009
5 0
when the idea of diversity is pushed down your throat until you want to crush something/curse
I thought that conference would be interesting, but it was just a bunch of dicursity.
by volleyballr April 05, 2009
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