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VolksWagen, sometimes shortformed into VW, Volks/VolksW or VWagen is a type of car from Germany, started somewhere in the 1930's or so. It's believed that the idea of VW was thought up by Hitler, then when a Nazi heard, he liked the idea and started it.
Volkswagen translates into "People Car" or "The People Car" in German.

Sadly, lots of people don't buy VW because Hitler possibly thought up the idea or they just plain out don't like Germans.

But, that's kinda stupid. German engineering is really good, and it lasts and long time (Hence you see lots of old VW around)

The most known VW models are:
"Bob just bought a Volkswagen beetle"
"Volkswagen is German"
"Jane hates Volkswagen. She doesn't know a thing about good cars, though."
by vmml97 April 16, 2009

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