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The stress before, during and after vacation. The stress before: setting up the travel, activities, packing as few suitcases as possible, getting things finished at work, getting to the airport (get a ride, leave a car), having to rebook a flight, losing baggage, etc. The stress during: when to get up, whose cooking, where are we going and for how long, what happens if one wants to leave early, who is buying the tickets, who showers first, etc. The stress after how much of my own work do I have, how much work was dumped on my desk, how long will it take to dig out from under the pile? Will there be enough money to pay for all of this?
Stresscation (sounds like vacation) I can't wait for stresscation next year, yeeeeeeah-boy.
by vmeyedr May 10, 2012

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