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a motorcycle designed by Yamaha in 1984. The vmax designers had one goal in mind, to make the biggest, baddest motorcycle on the market, and they did. It ran a 10 second quarter mile and was the world's fastest production motorcycle. Vmaxes aren't a cruiser or a sportbike, but a muscle bike. they have a neutral riding position, not relaxed, but not hunched over.

Vmaxes are characterized by their powerful V4 engine and large "scoops" on each side of the bike. styled after the american muscle car.
i ran an 11.2 last night on my brand new gsxr600!! too bad that vmax ran a 10.8..

Did you hear billy got a Vmax last week? rumor has it he already lost his license!!

finally beat that vmax last night!! wow theyre so SLOW!!!
if theyre so slow then why are you bragging about it?
by vmaxer August 05, 2010

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