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The source of this planet’s greatest achievements and greatest destructions. A creature that lives and breathes for his family and self. Doesn’t mind working more than half of his life as long as he sees his beautiful wife and kids happy.

Treats a woman as his equal complement. Respects his mom and dad, an asset to the society; well-mannered and polite to other people but won’t hesitate to kick your ass the moment you try to fuck him up.

Always walks with confidence, not only because he has fortune, fame and power but also because he knows he has the respect of the people surrounding him. Acts as if he has the biggest dick in the room and no one argues about it.

Woman’s greatest hero or greatest villain. Poses as a big challenge for females making them want to have sex with him even more. Will do anything for a woman that he loves and loves him back. Finds deep pleasure when his dick is getting suck by a woman and doesn’t mind licking that woman’s pussy after. A being born with two heads and always has a problem of which one to use.

He is the planet’s most dangerous creature. A beast that only gets stronger when being wounded; Half angel half devil. A combination of macho man, bad boy and good boy. A being that won’t hesitate to destroy anyone that threatens his family. The main character on books read by parents for their children every night that saves everyone during distress and takes home the girl to live happily ever after — while fucking her at the same time.
Example #1

Jenna: I hate that man sometimes. But I still love fucking him when he comes home and brings all the good stuff.

Example #2

Curious Lisa: Why do you like getting head so much?

Tom: Because I’m a man. That's why.

Example #3

Enlightened guru: No one really knows what’s the real definition of a man, you just have to see him to believe it.
by vlodia April 02, 2015
A term commonly used by wannabe cool kids when they want to open an argument or a cool subject and tries to end it without giving any valid explanation.
For arguments:

I hate that food. 'Nuff said!

I'm the best. 'Nuff said!

For cool subects:

It's Megan Fox. 'Nuff said!

It's a Ferrari. 'Nuff said!
by vlodia January 26, 2013
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