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a guy who is gross, a bum, ugly, dirty looking, cheap broke ass nobody

commonly used in hawaii
"i heard that bradley likes you"

response:"eww that doodoo boy?,ill pass"

by vlesh May 01, 2008
a girl with a pimply ass, or a very greasy/not pleasing to appearance kind of ass. the word is put together to imply the person needs to put some noxema or some other type of facial creame on those cheecks!!!!
"you saw that stripper? eww gross with her noxema cheecks!"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
when someone with bad bad breath tries to tell you a secret and you swear you could just DIE!!!!
"damn teresa came to me with all her deadly whispers,...she should have kept that secret to herself!!!"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
basically hard strong liquer that gets you drunk quick and makes you do stupid things

*my word spread the word*-vanessa aka vee
"shoot, vee was all wasted from that booboojuice"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
a slang word for crystal meth

water=clear (the crystal meth is clear)

movement is often done constantly by crystal meth users
hence the word aquaboogie!

*i made this word up so spread the word*-vee
"that crazy foo needs to quit doing that aquaboogie"
by vlesh May 01, 2008
for a person to be alert/striking interest to possibly something they just heard or witnessed.

also meaning to get all worked up (mad) over someones comment
"damn he was all wide eyed and bushy tail when i told him what happened last night"
by vlesh May 01, 2008

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