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when everything goes right, when everything you say is greeted with a positive response, when everything you do comes out perfect, when you're cool without even realizing it
Dude A: Dude, I think I nailed the presentation at the annual TPS Reporting forum. I couldn't believe people actually clapped.

Dude B: I know, it was a total bono-moment.
by vleon101 October 15, 2009
noun ~ any set of photography with a redundant theme, perspective, and composition you've seen a million times before, particularly prevalent on social network site photo albums.
Dude A: Did you see that chick's MySpace photos?

Dude B: Yeah, she was hawt but that was such clichetography. Everyone chick has those photos of their reflection in the bathroom mirror while smirking.
by vleon101 October 20, 2009
to act in the way that would be the opposite of how a star be expected to act, to be humble and approachable, to be content with what you have, to avoid the trappings of fame
I met Dave Gahan at a Starbucks in Chelsea and he was totally unstar!
by vleon101 October 15, 2009

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