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2 definitions by vladlilly

A quite painful cramp you obtain from an over exitement of peggling off. Normally followed with asking anyone around you to please rub it because its so fucking painful. Also accompanied with people think your a complete pussy.
Ahhhhhhh!!! Fuck!! Peggle cramp!!!
by vladlilly August 13, 2008
Its like walking in the desert and you wake up every morning with a stratchy barren throat, scorched skin, and itchy blazing eyes and the only thing possesing you to go any further is the one hope that you will find water. The thought of the refreashing, replenishing, reviving feeling of finally getting what you feel you so rightly deserve and have paid dues for staves your ability to sleep, smile, laugh, or think of anything else. You stumble stupidly across dunes and under miles of staggering heat to find the only thing that occupies your thoughts. And after miles of searching you think youve finally found an oasis of peace, shelter, and tranquility only to be snapped harshly and devestatingly into the realization that you were hoping and wishing all that time on nothing but a mirage. With hope depleated you wait for releif, but releif never comes. You simply sit there. Lethargic and apathetic to all and engrosed into you own self pity. And if your lucky youll do it over and over again until you find you oasis. If your like me, your fucked and bound to sit forever burdened over the loss of a love so beautiful and pure that it could be nothing else but a wispy mirage.
"He/she has fallen into love again."
by vladlilly July 20, 2008