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engine found in the r32-r34 skyline series. the rb26dett was used in all GT-R models. RB signifies the engine series, D means DOHC, E means electronic fuel injection, and TT means twin turbo. this engine produces 280hp, and torque ranging from 260(r32) to 280(r34). some believe that these performance stats are a bit conservative due to the fact that GT-R skylines have been dynoed to corrected(power is corrected to show what the hp is at the crank instead of what it is at the wheels) hp values in between 300hp and 320hp. production of the RB engine series was ended in 2002 as a result of tighter emissions regulations. regardless of its fate, the RB26dett is considered one of the greatest engines of all times.
RB engines have been swapped into many other cars including, but not limited to the: nissan 240SX/200SX/180SX, the datsun 510, the nissan 240z, the infiniti g35, and the j-spec nissan silvia (s13-s15).
by vladislav romanov April 30, 2005

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