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1. Womanizer, playboy; 2. All-conquering prick.
He screwed around on her with her best friend while he was dating her; what a cuntquistador he was!
#playboy #lothario #womanizer #cunt #cuntsman #asshole #prick #jerk
by Vlad the Impaler February 08, 2006
(n) A lateral promotion that involves more work/responsibility without more pay.
I just got a fauxmotion; now I'm doing the work of 3.5 people! Yay.
by Vlad the Impaler August 30, 2005
synonym/slang for SYPHILIS.
"Damn, Zeke got the Mississippi Rug Burn somethin' fierce."
by Vlad the Impaler March 23, 2005
The practice of breaking wind while walking past somebody else.
Rudy crapdusted the whole section; he's one crapdusting bastard!
#fart #farting #crapdusting #rude #disgusting #farts #farted #breaking wind
by Vlad the Impaler September 21, 2006
(v.) To refrain from giving a needed ride to friends/coworkers when the opportunity presents itself.
Dude, she totally driveshafted us -- it was raining buckets and she just waved and went to her car and drove home, alone. We're right on her way, too.
#driveshaft #carpool #graceless #rude #inconsiderate #thoughtless
by Vlad the Impaler May 11, 2006
1. Indicating the number of attractive/available women within a given area; 2. Something strongly feminine, like knitting or ballet.
1. The vaginocity in the cafeteria was intense today!
2. That knitting expo had maximal vaginocity, don't you think?
#sex #gender #vaginosity #women #feminine
by Vlad the Impaler February 03, 2006
To ask easy questions under false pretenses for partisan reasons (synonymous with "shill").

Inspired by "Jeff Gannon", the phony White House "reporter") who was recently revealed to be a fraud.
We were gannoned this afternoon, so it was no big deal.
by Vlad the Impaler February 25, 2005
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