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An adult-size restraining bed, this wooden crib was equipped with a lid and was capable of being locked. It was designed in 1845 by Dr. Anabanel of France. In 1846, Dr. Amariah Brigham, the first superintendent of the "New York State Lunatic Asylum" brought the crib to the asylum in Utica, New York. Several modifications were made on the original design and thus the "Utica Crib" was born. The crib was designed in such a way that air could flow freely between the top and sides. The bottom was cushioned with layers of straw. The crib was used in case of "exhaustion" when the physical health of the patient demanded that (s)he be kept in bed. Additionally, the crib could be suspended on chains and rocked to calm the patients. The last remaining Utica Crib was removed from use on January 18, 1887.
Calm down or on in to the Utica Crib you'll go.
by vjesci April 03, 2007
A writing style liqened to that of a mirror, liqe a mirror. Reflecting, synonymous, liqe. A word or a pair of phrases technically different in text, though resounding with similar, if not exact sonic qualities.
I: A Fall/ Awful
II: Come, promise me/Compromize me
III: Mirrorical/Mere Oracle
by vjesci April 03, 2007
Derivative of the words Quill + Guillotine.
A kind of deth or defamation or misrepresentation device or writing style within literature, usually found in journalism.
Coined by Vjesci.
I: That magazine is a quillotine.
by vjesci April 03, 2007
A genre of electroniq musiq.
A term used to associate and/or describe a certain sound.
Derivative of Hellish + Electronica
Coined by Vjesci.
A: How would you classify your sound?
B: Hellectronica
by vjesci April 03, 2007
A phrase coined by Vjesci.
Derivative of the phrase Deja Vu + the word Vulgar.
Some thing or trend or fashion or style that gives one a sense of Deja Vu, ultimately seeming vulgar or boring or thoughtless.
This is all so very Deja Vulgar.
by vjesci April 03, 2007
Foraging in dustbins.
We were ashboxing in the evening, which might explain why you couldn't find us.
by vjesci April 03, 2007

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