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Dundonian An inhabitant of the city of Dundee, Scotland.
'I'm from Dundee, hence a Dundonian'
by Vixen April 06, 2004
Your cool/style essence.
"Work your mojo sister"... "You got some large mojo friend"
by Vixen October 02, 2003
An inbred, often found in the quiet Derbyshire village of Unstone. 99% of Unstone's population is inbred, with only 5 surnames in the place. Unstone FC win all their matches, mostly because the goalie has 5 arms due to their parents' incestuous shagging!
Jake Rainbow, Dean Dye, Chris Herring
by Vixen March 10, 2004
A woman who is so tired of her husband's love of the 'missionary' position that she looks for someone else to 'scratch her itch'.

Perhaps one of the few times where a woman is seeking sex for a purely physical need (like men) rather than for an emotional or spiritual connection.
After years of having Jeff lie on top of her, Nicole started to see that being an adulteress might be a way of finally having an orgasm.
by Vixen November 25, 2004
Man who performs wifely duties for mate.
Man who delivers cups of tea in the morning to flat mate - naked.
by Vixen October 15, 2004
Team Speak Whore

Classless whore who discusses her fetishes with all the boys on Team Speak.

See also:
Attention Whore
Whore of the Server
Emily talks about all her fetishes on Team Speak, only to have the boys post about it on the forums.

Emily is THE Team Speak whore.
by Vixen May 15, 2004
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