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Usually used as a verb when something clearly sucks. (also known as Hugroot)
We were at a another keg party on Ackerman that really hugged root. It was a total sausage fest.
by Vivafiniz September 16, 2009
Trendy district in Roselle Park, NJ, located north of Colfax Avenue.
"What are you up to tonight?

Not sure, but thinking of laying low, partying local....we'll see what's going down in NoCo."
by vivafiniz September 17, 2009
A unique and fun-loving individual who likes to party, and often believes that it's good, it's good. Bboys are typically raised in New Jersey, but have been known to migrate to Pennsylvania.
That dude party's like a true B-boy. It's good. It's good.
by Vivafiniz July 08, 2009

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