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spelling variation of "legit", which is short for "legitimate" (lawful, legal, properly authorized, regular)
Q: How can you tell if a pokemon is lidgit, or has been "action-replayed"?

A: You mean "legit". And you can't really. However, many legendaries will be hacked since they're rare...

A2: Great answer - thanks! Not to mention I now know how to spell "legit"!

Q: Is the website xxx.co.uk lidgit?
A: There is no negative reports regarding xxx.co.uk Just to be sure, you may want to call them on T: 02072xxx They seem Legit though!

Q: "Is the xxx adult products company a lidgit company? Is the online company a scam or are they the real deal?"
#legit #ligit #lidget #lregular #scam
by vitrino April 23, 2012
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