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Alittlebitboringthrash band with great vocalist and BIG sunglasses, not Emperor sunglasses, always big sunglasses, cool band.
Fenriz of Darkthrone loves Detente because of their great vocalist and their big sunglasses.
by vislaetitia August 30, 2011
Jewish perversion of Pagan deities like Dagda (gaelic), Dionysos (greek), Shiva (hindu) and Enki (sumerian). Used as scapegoat and distraction for all the problems that the anti-life dogmas of Christianity/Islam cause. Even today stupid Americans believe, that he rules their government.
He is really the Lord of Water, Music and Knowledge/Enlightenment and nowhere near beeing evil or a threat to humanity.
Name stolen: Shiva-> Shai'tan-> Satan
Appearance stolen: Cernunnos
Trident stolen: Shiva, Neptune
by vislaetitia August 30, 2011
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