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bul·i-ism /ˈbʊli/ Show Spelled bull-ee-ism noun,

1. a parent of a bully, overbearing person who habitually teachs their children to intimidate smaller or weaker people.
Now there is a case of Bullism if I have ever seen it. That kid is a real bully.
by Visions65 February 12, 2013
sol·id-ness-ness (sld)

a. Very very very Firm or compact in substance.
2. Not hollowed out: a really really solid block of wood.
3. Of very good quality and substance: a really really solid foundation.
Paul: "I just finished building my deck".
Andrew: "The solidnessness of this deck you have built is fantastic. Not a single movement in it".
by visions65 February 17, 2013

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