11 definitions by virus

a clan in essex
guy1:... is that all you can say?
by Virus June 14, 2004
1."lame cut-down"
2.stupid friend you have..
mat, you dingaling.
mat, you STUPID dingaling.
mat, you dumbass dingaling.
by Virus February 06, 2003
Big; Large; Industrial Sized; Strong; Intimidating. Belittles others when compared. Reminiscent of the video game character Duke Nuke'm.
Man, that guy is Duke.

Your car is duke.

Everclear alchohol is duke.
by Virus August 29, 2003
Another way to say "fucking"
Theres no fusking way im going to dunk my toes in that mayonaisse.
by virus January 28, 2005

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