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The best music there is. Far superior to any popular music such as rap, rock, etc. Classical music is real music with real emotion and complexity and grandness of conception. It has been around for hundreds of years and its greatness cannot be denied. It will always be around unlike something stupid like rap, which is so simplistic and for the simple-minded morons. Also, it takes much skill, intelligence, practice, and virtuosity to play classical music, unlike rap, which all you need is a damn ugly voice. Rappers can't even speak proper english anyways.

People who listen to classical music get 2400's on their SAT's and go to Harvard.

People who listen to rap don't even take the SAT and if they do, get 1000 and go to jail.
Great, beautiful, profound, intellectual, virtuostic, etc. etc. etc.: Classical music
Rap: stupid, uncivilized, barbaric, simple, feeble-minded, etc. etc. etc.
by virtuoso735 June 01, 2006

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