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LOL u r a fag. Kazuya unlike Heihachi actually deserves the titl King of Iron Fists. He only gets beaten in tekken 2 and doesnt get the shit kicked out of him in it. It was a cursed blood battle that raged on for hours in case u didnt no. Kazuya has also the most amount of Iron Fist tournaments - 2. Heihachi has won only 1.
Heihachi is good fighter in the game but a fag in the storyline
the greatest fighting game of all time. it's easy to play not beat and hard to master. take it from me. ive played tekken for 6 years and are the australian chmapion at it. Also, Street Fighter, Rival Schools and Soul Calibur 2 rock and 4 all of us out there that like Virtua Fighter suck my balls
for the definition of virtua fighter see gay.
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