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A holiday that is celebrated in sterotypical ways (like all the other holidays x.x) that can make a person (even if they DO have a partner or are in love) extremely depressed
2. for a lucky few, a time for uncontrollable love and romance only to end in stds and death
Valentine's Day would be cool if some fuckers hadn't decided to turn it into a marketing scheme.
by Virgin Mary January 31, 2004
the coolest kid on the play round also see jesus.
dude, dink bray is ill, don't hate.
by virgin mary October 14, 2004
1. Santa's workshop firm where he works with his 6 foot tall elves who all wear red hats with poofy things.
2. the base of SACSA. Santa And Co,. Spy Asociation
I saw Santa at Office Max today!
by Virgin Mary January 26, 2004
the gayest jew alive. also see kike humper, nigger.
hey look! boomdizzle is stupid, dink bray is cooler!.. thx.
by virgin mary October 14, 2004
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