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2 definitions by violet10

a annoying word yet people dont kno the rite definition to it:
it was created by two people in 08 while going to D.C
many places have been sued to say *chouww*

sued places:
I- carly/nickolodean

created by two people while going to a trip to D.C, then later many people started using it (creatorsGabriel Casas and Monica lara? ) due to its ouww sound many places spell it chiouw this word it was dedicated to a statue they seen bout a african-male the word cho meaning Peace and ouww meaning with together as you can see its saying is telling to come together n forget wat you are.
grl1: chouww!
grl2: glory be ur mom
boy: you make me chouww oh you!
by violet10 December 06, 2010
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some one who is:
1. nice
2.trust with ur heart
3.knows you exciste
4.will make sacrifices for you
5.tells you i love you n mean it
6.joke around with
7.isnt afraid to show you around
love is well....love you cant ignore it one day you'll catch it.
boy: i cant live without you...i love you.
grl: so ur not mad tht i broke ur game system?
boy:ahhh no....
by violet10 November 30, 2010
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